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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

 The Creative Coast’s blogspot is Savannah’s sounding board for local thinkers, innovators, wanderers and wonderers. Guest bloggers share their thoughts, opinions and creative noodling from all over the map. This week’s blog is from Caroline Millard, world traveler, writer and Airbnb’s “boots on the ground” local expert.  Read on as Caroline opens the door to some exciting opportunities for those of us living in one of the most desirable cities in the WORLD….


Airbnb is an online community marketplace that allows people to list and book rooms and homes in over 33,000 cities throughout the world – including Savannah.

Some host to help make ends meet, while others open their homes simply for the joy of meeting travelers from around the world. Whatever the reason, the Airbnb community is something pretty special.  Read on for three inspiring stories.

Save for The Big One

Jordi and his wife needed an adventure, their world in Barcelona was getting just too small and predictable. So they decided they’d save as much as they could to take a year off and travel the world. By hosting on Airbnb, Jordi and his wife are saving for The Big One!

“The whole world is coming into our home, and we are meeting lots of new and interesting people and, of course, making many more friends!,” says Jordi.  “We now want to do our Big One even more than before.”

Fund Your Passion

When Los Angeles singer/song-writer Sonia Rao needed to make extra money so she could focus more on her music and less on juggling her 9-to-5, her friend suggested she try hosting on Airbnb. Through hosting, she was able to cut back her hours at work and spend more time focusing on her music and taking paying gigs.

“Artists don’t often talk about this not-too-sexy part of our lives – how to make a living from our art,” says Rao.  “I love talking about the creative side of my music, but I also think it’s really interesting to learn how each artist pulls together a living, however unconventionally.”

Be an Entrepreneur

There’s no way around it – funding a startup is hard.

When Tracy DiNunzio founded Tradesy, an online marketplace for fashion resale, she was down to her last dollar. In fact, she sold her car and many of her belongings just to keep her fledgling business afloat. Strapped for cash, she listed her spare bedroom in Santa Monica, CA on Airbnb and made nearly $30,000 in her first year of hosting.

Now, Tradesy has over 350,000 members and raised $1.5 million in Series A funding.

“You can’t sit around and wait and think well, I can’t do it because I don’t have this or I don’t have that,” DiNunzio told Inc. Magazine.  “If you’re resourceful you find a way.”

Interested in learning more about hosting? Renting out your unused space could pay your bills or fund your next vacation. Learn more here! 



Caroline Millard is a world traveler, writer and thrill seeker. She is currently serving as Airbnb's "boots on the ground" local expert for the Creative Coast region.

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