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Craigslist: Savannah

Calling all young, hip, urban, creative and technological Savannahians there is a great message board outlet online for you to use to meet new people, find activity partners, join a club or rent your apartment. It’s Craigslist. Craigslist is a local community classified board and message forum used by over 15 million people each month.

The layout is extremely simplistic (although doesn’t send out a hipster vibe), easy to use and you usually receive quick responses. Best of all – it’s free. So you can sell your old camcorder, sell your furniture when moving, rent your apartment, find a pet, locate a long distance road trip compadre and find a boyfriend or girlfriend! It’s a great and valuable resource that Savannah should utilize. Craigslist is HUGE in major cities and has the same potential here.

If you want some laughs, browse the Best Of list on the side, it’s a list compiling the best ads posted from every city on Craigslist. WARNING though, Craigslist is not censored, so there may be some material inappropriate for younger readers.

Craigslist Fact Sheet

Craigslist Savannah (Savannah has been on Craigslist since September 2005)

Happy Surfing!

Oh, and if you don’t use Craigslist, what other community forums do you find useful? Share the knowledge!