Account Manager

Job title Account Manager
Company Name BCKYRD
Location Savannah
Date Posted Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Job Type Full-Time


Position Description 

We believe client updates are essential to a healthy and simplistic relationship. It is the heart of our company; the singular thread that anchors our organization into the market. 
We are searching for a Campaign Manager who shares this belief and wants to help build relationships of substance with our team. A campaign manager is responsible for providing our clients with campaign updates as well as communicating what resources are at their disposal by being a part of the BCKYRD family.
They will lead projects, client meetings and work with BCKYRD creative teams on research, strategy, conceptualization, implementation and asset delivery.
Experience and Skills Required:
2+ years of creative agency or production company experience in client facing role
Display strong ability to communicate with peers and clients
Robust critical thinking skills 
Familiar with industry tools (CRM, Scheduling tools, Adobe Creative Suite)
Display understanding of both video/photo production and branding/design projects 
Strong organization & planning skills
Clear attention to detail
Ability to collaborate in a cross-functional environment
Can balance multiple priorities and manage deadlines
Strong self starter who functions effectively with ambiguity
Time Allocation:
Team Leadership (30%):
  •  Collaborate with sales team to determine reasonable deadlines, workloads and project budgets
  •  Discuss deadlines and deliverables with creative team to make sure team stays efficient
Client Leadership (60%) Keep clients informed on campaign status, communicate campaign scope changes, make sure client value is always communicated and met by BCKYRD
General (10%) Attend company meetings & client meetings, on-going development.
Interested? Send cover letter and resume to:
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