Interns: Social Media, Content Creation, Software Development

Job title Interns: Social Media, Content Creation, Software Development
Company Name Candor
Location Savannah
Date Posted Monday, May 13, 2019
Job Type Intern


Candor USA is seeking interns for an exciting and unique opportunity to work on a dynamic team at a funded, Savannah-based startup.

We are looking for candidates with skills in any of the following areas:

Social Media Management
Ability to manage social media accounts on a variety of platforms, track analytics, offer customer support and answer incoming queries.
Content Creation
Create engaging and impactful content for social media and other platforms in advance of, during and following product launch.
Software Development
Work with a talented software development team to build out offerings on mobile and web platforms as well as maintaining an AWS backend, contribute to internal testing, broker tooling, carrier tooling and DevOps. The current Candor stack includes ReactJS, Go, Ruby on Rails, and AWS RDS. Our future plans include React Native, native Swift and native Kotlin, AI chatbots and blockchain. Interns work on tightly specced components requiring full test coverage in a dynamic team environment led by Chief Product Officer Max Howell, creator of Homebrew, ex-Apple and veteran of numerous funded startups.
There will be opportunity to gain experience across these areas via mentorship and learning-directed work environment with seasoned industry veterans at our Savannah offices.

We most highly value candidates who are able to:

Demonstrate excellent communication skills
Independently arrive at workable and creative solutions
Contribute positively and meaningfully to projects and company culture
Our products have a strong focus on usability and accessibility. At Candor, your expertise will be put to full use. Interns are encouraged to contribute to product development in an effort to make the best user experience possible for our customers.

Mandatory unpaid two-week training and trial period.

Please send résumé and cover letter to

Also include contact details and information for at least two referees which meet the following criteria:
– Must not be relatives
– Must have known you for at least one year
– Must be able to speak on your ability to learn new skills, follow instructions and work on a team.