Program Facilitator

Job title Program Facilitator
Company Name Beyond The Bell
Date Posted Friday, May 11, 2018
Job Type Contractor


Program Facilitator for parents and teens. Some sessions will be an Active Parenting Program, some will be our Teens in Action program. Both are centered around skill building, communication and healthy choices. This is very part time work but for the right person could be a great fit. $60 for each session. There are 6 weekly 2 hour sessions at various sites within Savannah. Currently: Thursdays 6:30p-8:30p, Tuesdays 9a-11a, Mondays 1p-3p and 5p-7p.
Services to be provided by the facilitator include but not limited to:
• Prepare class lessons and schedule, administer pre/post test as well as State surveys
• Prepare class presentations
• Collect class attendance
• Maintain a professional classroom throughout class sessions
• Report to the Executive Director or the Project Coordinator any issues or concerns arising in the classroom that hinders the facilitator from maintaining a safe and healthy environment
• Discuss any issues with the Executive Director or the Project Coordinator where it may appear participants require a referral
• Completion of a fingerprint and background check
• Completion of the Mandate to Report on line training
• Completion of safety and compliance training for specific sites when called for
• CPR certification at the expense of BTB
• Attend any required trainings including BTB staff meetings as appropriate
• Help with keeping kids occupied at parent sessions during co-facilitation
• Payment to facilitators for this service is payable on the 5th day of each month for the previous month completed. Example: Completion of classes in April will be paid on the 5th of May.
• Be willing to work at a variety of different sites or venues, within adolescent, gender specific, controlled facilities and have reliable transportation.

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