Sales Consultant

Job title Sales Consultant
Company Name Jelenik Cork Group
Location Savannah
Date Posted Thursday, March 8, 2018
Job Type Part-Time


Sales Consultant Working With Sustainable Product Lines Primarily Cork in The Jelinek Cork House


We are seeking consultants who will help us launch our first store in the USA. A lifestyle store that will reflect a Mediterranean way of life. The Jelinek family has been in the CORK business since 1855. They are the largest distributors of Cork in the world. They are strong advocates of using natural materials in responsible ways while ensuring their sustainability, in particular the cork forest of the Mediterranean region.

The World Wildlife Foundation has a priority species listing and the Cork Tree has become a priority species for being the most ecologically, economically and/or culturally important species as one on our planet. And so they are working to ensure such species can live and thrive in the natural habitats.

The sclerophyllous and semi-deciduous forest of the Iberian Peninsula supports a complex and diverse flora with a notable number of endemic species. This vegetation is very valuable in terms of biodiversity conservation, soil protection, and hydrological stability. The region’s habitat is crucial for the preservation of some of the most endangered animal species in Europe, including the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus), the Spanish imperial eagle (Aquila heliaca), and the great bustard (Otis tarda). A large wolf (Canis lupus) population resides here also.

If you have a desire to work with conscientious products and companies and you have passion and enthusiasm to educate the consumer on the values of purchasing products made with and from sustainable resources we would love to meet you.

Your role will be a highly trained sales professional and consultant in our lifestyle store. Our commitment to you is to thoroughly train you on all products we represent in our store. You will learn from a family who have been in business since 1855 and remain the leading experts in Cork Trees and all there uses.

This is a very exciting time for us and for sustainable products to start leading the way in how consumers think when making a purchase. We want to educate as many people as possible and Savannah being an international tourist destination allows for us to reach a vast audience. You will help launch the modern store of the future and the future is now. There is a very large impressive sustainability movement going on across our country and you will be part of something significant for generations to come.

We would also enjoy meeting designers who wish to work with sustainable materials. Cork has been made into a material so the possibilities are endless. The consumer is also becoming interested in building green and cork has endless value in that category as well. So fashion, building and design, furniture really the list goes on.

We are also looking for interns to build our store website and build a social media campaign for us. We are happy to speak with anyone who retains these values or is interested in learning about our products.

Contact Jill Mullen @ 860-387-3694 to arrange an interview

We will be very flexible with your hours

List of duties

Greeting the visitors to our store with enthusiasm and to educate them on our products and our lifestyle, mission statement. You are our host and hostess of our store.

You will receive weekly selling goals and you will be able to introduce customers to the wholesale area of the Jelinek business.

Reaching out through social media to keep our customers and followers well informed about Cork and the many uses along with our in store partners use of sustainable materials.
You’re earning potential with us is really up to you the sky is the limit. We are paying drawer against commission at the rate of 10% of what you sell. An example would be when you have a sale for $2000.00 you will receive $200.00.