Teaching Artist, Youth Programs

Job title Teaching Artist, Youth Programs
Company Name Deep Center
Location Savannah
Date Posted Monday, August 5, 2019
Job Type Full-Time


Deep Center’s Teaching Artists engage with youth (middle school and high school-aged) in researching, writing about, and celebrating the stories of Savannah. Together, Teaching Artists and youth map the people, stories, and resources that make this community vibrant.

The Teaching Artist position is for individuals with exceptional dedication, innovation, and reliability, and an invested interest in Savannah and its stories. Whether working on-site at schools or sites in the community,  these accomplished artists possess the sensitivity, awareness, and fearlessness to guide youth as they explore and discover their place within their community. They demonstrate mastery of the written word, creativity in lesson planning, vigor in one-on-one work, and enthusiasm and careful listening as a mentor. They are skilled at gently directing conversations and ask effective follow-up questions during discussions to encourage youth to examine their world with a critical eye. 

Each Teaching Artist commits to co-leading a 10-month-long workshop series meeting multiple times weekly. The expected term of employment runs from September 2019–June 2020.



  • Plan weekly workshops with partner teaching artist that respond to youths’ needs
  • Lead multiple weekly workshops, may include Saturday sessions
  • Facilitate student-centered dialogue and writing that supports literacy, agency, and learning
  • Guide students during community-based exploration and experiences, as needed
  • Attend regular evaluation and support meetings with Deep staff
  • Comment thoroughly on student writing weekly
  • Assist students with creation and exhibition of final products
  • Co-research alongside youth as part of youth participatory action research (YPAR) framework
  • Attend ongoing training and development in Deep’s method and pedagogy
  • Provide youth participants with rides from school to community site and/or from the community site home after workshops, as needed


  • Ability to purposefully engage youth in the learning process through dialogue and create a culture of mutual respect, honesty, and vulnerability
  • Commitment to racial, gender, economic, and social justice 
  • Has an assets-based framework for working with low-income populations 
  • Able to be an active participant in an open and democratic work culture 
  • Strong demonstrated interest in Savannah’s community and cultural assets (places, stories, people)
  • Commitment to amplifying the voices of youth from underserved communities
  • An independent, curious, problem-solving attitude
  • Efficient, organized, and dependable, with a strong track record of balancing multiple deadlines
  • Strong skills in oral and written communication, and a love of reading and writing
  • Experience in multiple creative modalities (visual, audio, written) a plus
  • Have a vehicle with full-coverage insurance
  • Experience as a Deep Writing Fellow a plus


This is a 35-hour per week position over 10 months at $18/hour based out of the Deep Center office. This position is eligible for health benefits (medical, dental, and vision) and paid holidays.


To apply, email a cover letter, resume, and three examples of your strongest writing to jobs@deepcenter.org by Monday, August 19th at 6:00PM. Include “Teaching Artist” in the subject line. Your cover letter should answer the following: 

  1. Discuss your preferred age range of youth: middle school and/or high school
  2. Explain how your current qualifications make you the best fit for the Teaching Artist position
  3. What are two challenges you foresee will be necessary to overcome in this role, and 
  4. How do you plan on overcoming these challenges with the goal of supporting some of Savannah’s most fearless young writers.

Deep Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to a diverse workplace; LGBTQ+, women, people of color and other members of under-represented communities are encouraged to apply.