Office Space

Now that it is February, I will get along to answering the question that is on everyone’s mind. What IS it like to work at our TCCi office?

Well, as a new employee, I’m inspecting! Angel and Fitz share an office that resembles a Before photo in a Container Store advert. It’s full of amazing creative energy. There is a stack of CDs piled up on a full bookshelf, which is next to a table full of magazines, papers, folders, and a guest chair or two. Bottles of various sizes of hot sauce line the wall opposing the bulletin board full of childrens art work and photos. Framed SCAD posters encircle the room, while a mini-bottle of tequlia sits sealed daring people to open in case of emergency. Piles and piles of our TCCi stickers tower on a desk near a phone, and a lone TCCi logo covered stool gets moved around from corner to corner. You know that a lot of creative thinking, positive energy and long hours go on inside there.

I tell you what, when an office looks like that, you respect your coworkers. If not, I could walk in for a meeting, never walk out, and nobody would ever find me.