The Front Porch with David Shpigler of Intelligent Pathway

Friday, December 16, 2016

This week we are podcasting with David Shpigler with Intelligent Pathway, a dynamic online program for students to learn at their own pace. He tells us how the company got started, and how it will expand beyond our region … Hit play to hear what David shared with us…You can subscribe to our Podcast feed on iTunes! Check it out here.

AND you can WATCH the podcast recordings too! Thanks to the City of Savannah the podcast chats are being videotaped for SGTV. You can find them on channel 8 on your TV, on Facebook, and in this post (see below)!

Do you have any cool stuff you’ve created that you’d like to see on SGTV, such as documentaries, films, or final projects? They are looking for all kinds of stuff by, for, and/or about Savannah. Fill out this form to submit your ideas and work!

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