RailsBridge Workshops

Interested in learning how to program? Want to build your own web application? Never written a line of code before and are a little intimidated by nerds? There’s no need to be! RailsBridge is a friendly place to get together and learn how to write some code.

RailsBridge Savannah workshops take place quarterly. The next workshop will begin at 9:30a on June 3rd at Bull Street Labs!

Railsbridge Event at Creative Coast


You can only attend if you’ve signed up for the workshop.

Sign up for RailsBridge by clicking HERE!

Prerequisites for participating

– A reasonably up to date laptop running Windows, OS X or Linux
– The power cord for that laptop
– A little patience
– A little curiosity
– A way to get to the venue!

How do I keep learning?

Want to work on your coding in the meantime? Visit the Homebrew Website Club – Savannah. This is a place where folks who take the RailsBridge classes (and anyone else) can come hang out, work on their projects and get help on them.

Have a look at photos from some workshops over the years: February 2015, March 2014, July 2013.


We’d like to thank our sponsors, who made this whole thing possible (and no cost for you and me):




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