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Savannah NASA Program

In addition to my job with TCCi, I am also a map maker, or GIS Analyst. While I was doing some map making the other day, I had the opportunity to meet with a student from a local NASA program€“ NASA DEVELOP.

NASA’s website describes this program as a NASA Science Mission Directorate Applied Sciences Program that fosters human capital development to extend NASA science research to local communities. Students demonstrate to community leaders prototype applications of NASA science measurements and predictions addressing local policy issues. The activities are student led, with advisors and mentors from NASA and other partner organizations.”

I describe it as a great way for hard-working, intelligent students in the Savannah area to gain experience with a great government organization and make a name for our community (and themselves, of course)! The student I met stated that his team is working on a coastal management project, which is directly related to NASA‘s 12 Applications of National Priority. I had the opportunity to explain some basic GIS to him and heard more about what his team will be working on.

Before this week, I had no idea there was such a team existing in Savannah, and the Savannah team is the only NASA DEVELOP team in Georgia. What a cool experience for those students, and what a great reflection on Savannah!

For more information, check out NASA’s website below.