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Say Cheese!

Anyone interested in photography, digital cameras, and Savannah already may know about this, but Savannah has it’s own Flickr web group! If you have photos of Savannah that you would love to share, or if you would like to browse through photos, then check out this site – Savannah Flickr Group.

Anyone with a Flickr account can join and contribute. It’s an amazing way to see Savannah, through the eyes of someone else. You can search all photos by keyword (or ‘tag’ as they call it) to find anything you may be interested in, like, say, tugboats, or Tybee. Flickr is also a great way to showcase your vacation photos, or to email a link of photos to non-local friends and family.

There is a current discussion about a possible Flickr Savannah Group meet-up, so stay tuned for more information!