Being a Creative Coast supporter puts you shoulder-to-shoulder with a whole host of other cool companies and hip individuals. You’ll be a part of the exciting movement to make Savannah the hottest spot on the East Coast for techies, creatives and other knowledge-based businesses that will help Savannah grow and prosper for generations to come.

Join us! Be a Fan of the Future!

The Creative Coast is a resource for, a facilitator to, and an organizer of all things cool and hip in the coastal area. We’re major universities, industrial manufacturers and budding entrepreneurs. We’re engineering students, geeks, web developers, and pillars of the creative community. We’re residents of the Northeast in search of warmer climates and friendly locales. We’re local business people seeking to change out-of-date city ordinances. We’re regional employers seeking to fill job vacancies with qualified talent.

In short, we are Savannah’s future AND we’re your future!

The Creative Coast’s supporters are the brightest minds in the region. We’re 10,000+ strong and growing. The wider our network, the greater our impact! While our focus is Savannah, our reach is global. We’re making connections with and introductions to like-minded people across the nation and throughout the world. Dig it! The Creative Coast is making a difference today, and with your help and participation, we’ll make even greater strides in the future.

The Creative Coast was founded in 1997 by the Savannah Economic Development Authority, Chatham County and the City of Savannah to foster the creative, technology and enterpreneurial ecos-system.

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